Generous Allotment

Peacock Poetry

Android has worked so hard on our allotment this year and can even be found dreaming about slug-eaten leaves and where best to position the next plants! I have to admit to having been a little more of a fair-weathered allotment tender as I usually end up doing the thankless task of weeding when I get involved. Most Sundays, to be fair, we have both been out toiling the land and there is something so real and grounded about planting your own produce (if the slugs don’t devour it of course!)

Generous Allotment

Digging out unruly weeds

Creates the space for growth

Unearthing what we do not need

Cathartic for us both

We cast aside the spindly ties

That stop the good from blooming

The stubborn roots require more tries

With toil our soil is booming

We have more than we really need

Simplicity; my oath

Digging out unruly weeds

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