Blue Muse

Peacock Poetry

At the weekend I decided it was time that I tried my hand at a Shakespearean sonnet. It is always entertaining to try out new forms and this was no exception. Having been so inspired by tranquil Lake Geneva, I couldn’t help but take this vast blue expanse as my serene subject!

Cerulean Sonnet

My love affair with blue, where does one start?

You’ve stilled the starkest storms with languid look

And taken residence within my heart

And turned my fiery eyes into bright brook

The coolness of your stance cannot be stirred

You’ve blurred the black with soothing turquoise ease

For now your true contentment I have heard

Calm words of peaceful poise my mind appease

But glassy you may be, I can’t see through

Your depth I am inept to reach below

Whence your repose sprang forth, I have no clue

Enigma of disguise, what drives your flow?

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