Habitual Rituals

Peacock Poetry

Now that the weather is hotting up I’ve been resorting to doing my jogs before work. It puts me a little out of synch as I normally write on the way to work and so I’ve just swapped that ritual and do it after the jog. Just ten minutes, out in nature, connecting to myself and I am set up for the day. What would be your ideal morning ritual? How could you commit to making it an integrated part of your life?

Morning Breather Live Video

Morning Breather

Ten minutes just to hear the sound

Of daytime rising all around

It’s heating up, the grass is long

There’s fire in the dawn’s bird song

Ten minutes just to see the wisps

Of silky cloud above, pure bliss

To take life in reduces stress

We only have so many breaths

And it helps me to feel more round

Ten minutes…

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