Secrets of a lone girl; the life perspectives

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It’s 4 in the morning
The signal of a new day
A new day of horrors and zombies
Vampires all around me
Waiting to suck my blood at any moment
The little strength that I have in myself

I sit next to the tree
Shivering from the rain of yesterday
Fumbling with the battered tattered cloth I have on me
You know why?
To protect myself from the harsh weather
Like it actually helps

I am a little girl
And a little mischievous
As expected of a growing child

All I know is I am a mistake and not lucky to be needed
I am unlucky and an ingrate
The parents that birthed me
Threw me out on the streets
The home I know now is
The length and breadth of the street
Oh! How lucky I am
I have a bread to feed…

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