Secrets of a lone girl; the life perspectives

Photo by Đàm Tướng Quân on Pexels.com

Her eyes are closed to the beauty of nature

She yearns for the perfection of fiction

A barbie’s shape, Rapunzel’s hair, Snow white’s color,
Cinderella’s fate

Her front is refined like calabash with a tip

Her curved back protrudes perfectly like pregnancy

Double eye lid faultlessly sights the moon like her

Hidden pupils under an unappreciated flesh

Her freckles shine brightly like the kisses of angels
and the radiance of the sun

Her body with an extra chubby that makes them call her

Is an endowment of excess blessings

Like abundant clouds in the sky, always present

Her nose is an enigma of a fluke

Beautiful, yet incomprehensible

Her round mouth depicts the earth, naturally versatile

The extension of her skin protrudes golden marks that

Her body as an emblem of courage

She sighs, heaves and crave impeccability that is only

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