Lunar Lines

Peacock Poetry

Moon power leaves me a little intoxicated it has to be said! I don’t know how many poems I have written about it’s stark beauty and I am sure there will be many more lunar lines to follow! This may sound a little dramatic (not too surprising for those who know me well!) but I often feel completely by the magnetic magnificence of the moon and can be found lingering over its loveliness long after many folk have settled in for the night!

Magnetic Moon

In awe of how you radiate

I’m reduced to a star-struck state

My open chest alive and swelling

Such is your lonesome call compelling

Precious, radiant and bold

Veraciously, your light beholds

I know now that I’m not alone

As you light up the hard way home

Oh silver orb of high gracility

I gaze at you with such humility

Thankful, fortunate and moved


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