You Move Me

Everything I Never Told You

Hold still, time. Stop moving.
Yet, still you run on,
leaving us with no recourse,
but to move with you.
We sometimes fail to realize
that although we don’t set
the pace, we still control
the rhythm.
I choose to dance with
you in a meaningfultango,
where every step
counts, and the sweet
luxury of the hours
are revered.
Listening to every jazz
note, even the ones that
sound blue, to enjoy every
second of a life ongoing,
to revel in the sweetest
of air, the beauty of
the Earth.
And to be glad for each
moment that has gone
before, and each moment
still to be. Moments seen,
heard, touched, and lived
by me.
-Tosha Michelle
Photo above by your truly.
Also, two more things, here’s our latest vehicle purchase and Infiniti. Really like it.

Lastly, putting some of my covers of various songs on YouTube. Here’s one of…

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