Kitty Ditty

Peacock Poetry

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that engages with another art form – it might be about a friend of yours who paints or sculpts, your high school struggles with learning to play the French horn, or a wonderful painting, film, or piece of music you’ve experienced – anything is in bounds here, so long as it uses the poem to express something about another form of art. I have chosen to write about the featured Rosina Wachtmeister painting which us one of my favourite gifts that Android has given me.

Rainbow Kitties

A golden shine from pointed lines

They’re angular and pretty

They hail from multi-coloured times

Known as The Rainbow Kitties

By evening moon, they wail and croon

By day they pose and pamper

All cuddly ‘til they change their tune,

One blink and off they scamper!

Four sapphire eyes reflect the skies

Four others soulful amber

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