Friends In A Ship

Amazing Grace

There are a few things to consider if we decide to step outside our doors to mingle:

  1. Trust – this is one of the most important factors in becoming friends. If you don’t trust anyone other than yourself, then you probably will not be a good friend to hang out with
  2. Honesty – being truthful and open minded brings out the best in others, and allow everyone to be themselves. Honesty leads to great communication and great communication strengthens relationships
  3. Respect – pride is disrespectful and pushes people away. Respect is earned and not demanded. If two people respect each other .. both reap the benefits
  4. Loyalty – is a gift that keeps on giving. It proves that you care about the friendship and will hold each other in high esteem at all times

Trust, honesty, respect and loyalty extends to all relationships be it – spouses, significant other…

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