When Union is True – #Love #Poetry


When Union is True

When Love is struck
Upon the hands of time,
Waiting with a purpose,
Chaos becomes rhyme.

When Passion is played,
Plucked like a lyre,
Patience finds merit,
Tears become fire.

When Love is promised
Before life takes breath,
Yearning has its answer,
United beyond death.

When Eternity spans
Like the Cosmos turning,
Love Without Ending,
Flames without burning.

When Union is true,
Two Souls share One Heart,
Endings are beginnings,
Never again to depart.


This little verse is one I wrote about 5-6 years ago, when I first started BnV.  Im not always one for A-B-C-B rhyming schemes, not anymore, but the thought behind this poem still holds true.  Love is eternal, endless, passionate, patient, and Exquisite when Soul Mates are United.


Beautiful Image found at: beautyandtruth.org

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