Mythical Me

Peacock Poetry

The April writing month begins tomorrow. Don’t know what possessed me to sign up again as an way too busy, but couldn’t resist! For today’s early-bird prompt we are challenged to write a poetic self-portrait and to write a poem in which we portray ourselves in the guise of a historical or mythical figure and I have randomly selected Athena! Here goes!

Self-portrait as Athena

Wisdom, courage, inspiration

Oozing from my pores

Goddess of civilisation,

justice and of war

Strategically is how I reign

There is no now or never

For warfare is a skilful game

My hero friends endeavour

From Zeus’s pain, my being came

Sprang from his head full-grown

The favoured child, angry and wild

Grey-eyed and fierce, my tone

Yet balanced out with my fair clout

Of art and crafty winnings

A patron and artistic scout

I love weaving and spinning

The olive tree embodies me


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