Train of Thought

Peacock Poetry

I felt very creative on our train journey down to Konstanz last year and wrote all manner of poetry. At one point I was just gazing out of the window, observing the names of the train stations that we passed by and watching as life unfolded before my eyes. Whilst in this existentialist mood I write the following poem.

Nature Channel

We glide past glazed fields of golden green

Bare branches blending into ploughed plot

As the sun’s silver wand strikes through the slate-blue blanket

Rocked into restful reflection by the soft slurring of engine

I can feel;

the tips of my toes

planted soles

rocket refuelling

Entertained by the novelty of newly observed train station names


Fields of Gold

So much evolves when I let the day unfold naturally

Winding its way along the track

driven by the call of unknown destinations

Two red kites almost collide before…

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