Grass is always Greener

Peacock Poetry

Comparing ourselves to others has taken on new dimensions since being able to view each other’s immortalised highlight reels 24/7. It is no wonder that we get dragged into jealousy, insecurity and frustration as we are bombarded with picture perfect poses of happiness and success. Of course behind the reels, most of us wash dishes, pay bills and have the usual run of ups and downs on a daily basis. Letting go of unrealistic comparison can be extremely liberating and is an ongoing challenge.

No Comparison

Comparison’s no help to us

We win some and we lose

The green eyed monster’s way too fussed

With what the others choose

For fate’s like sand, no perfect hand

Begrudging is misguided

Though some seem on their feet to land

Our view might be one-sided

Though jealousy might yelp to us

Let’s celebrate good news

Comparison’s no help to us

We win some…

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