Heady Scent

Peacock Poetry

One March morning I left the house to be hit by a strong and curiously warm wind. It was amplifying the heady scent of our neighbour’s cherry blossom tree to such an extent that my imagination ran hay wire and I felt compelled to write some verse. Poetic moments can come from the most random of moments after all!

Cherry Blossom Wind

The cherry blossom wind

Blew mildly through the streets

Unusual desert spin

Free-spirited its beat

Tempestuously dancing

Like nothing else before

Wild gusts of change and chancing

Tap-danced through nature’s pores

The wind gathered momentum

It winced with beads of rain

Lord knows whoever sent him?

Life would not be the same

For fortune is not neat

Mischievous, its grin

Rampaging through the streets

The cherry blossom wind

Photo : https://www.candlescience.com/fragrance/japanese-cherry-blossom-fragrance-oil

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