Free as a Bird

Peacock Poetry

When we ventured to the countryside near to the Thunersee yesterday, I had not envisaged hiking down a steep, slippery ravine in the first half hour of our walk. Indeed it was a day of surprises as our memorable day took us through forest and vineyard, through wind, rain and smiling sunshine! Our opportune lunch break spot location in the featured picture) was spent watching gulls flying freely through mountain and lake and inspired me to write the following free verse.

Free Gull

You swoop; across the shivering surface

soaring through mottled turquoise,

sparkling fingers rippling in graceful applause.

You glide;

open-winged and soaring on waves of wild wind,

spanning burnt-mauve forest

and tracing the bucolic curves

past solitary spires and iced peak

through Siegrist and Goldiwil

across vineyard and farmyard

No limits to the yearning voyage of your emancipated wings.

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