The Wild Horse

Remember how it used to be
When it was just you and me
Laughing at the passers-by
“We’ll never leave each other”,
We said, almost a million times.

Now you only
Come in my dreams
A lingering presence,
The taste of which
I wake up to in the morning.

I’d begged you to stay
Yet you chose to walk away
Leaving me to fend for myself
To you probably,
It was all just a child’s play.
But, I died everyday
Questions upon questions
Filled my head to the brim
Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep
Couldn’t think
I couldn’t blink
It all just away, like you did
Couldn’t throw you in the back-burner
Because I burned everyday
Had to keep the flame alive,
At your altar, in my heart
Oh dear, where to begin
Where to start
I’m confused, distraught.

Wasn’t there another way
That I could’ve
Convinced you to stay

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