Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


It was started by two brothers, Edward and Edwin Baltzley.  It began as a real estate investment, and it became the assembly site of the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Chautauqua Assembly.  Structures were erected.  ‘Glen Echo on the Potomac’ was born.  The name was later shortened to Glen Echo Park.  Through the years, it became an entertainment venue and then evolved into an amusement park.  There were bumper cars, a carousel, a roller coaster, a swimming pool, a dance hall and an amphitheater.  For those who lived in the nation’s capital, it was a great escape.  It began to decline in the 1960’s, and the park closed in 1968.


Today, the National Park Service owns the park.  (They took control in 1970.)  The structures except for the amphitheater remain.  (The amphitheater is in ruins with little of it remaining.)  The rides except for the carousel, are gone.  (The carousel…

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