Taking it all In

Peacock Poetry

Last weekend I was out on a windy walk when I experienced a whoosh of gratitude blow over me! Being able to breathe in fresh air was a luxury my brilliant Dad cherished right up until his passing and I am so inspired by his thankful heart. Today I am sharing a written and filmed version of the poem I wrote about this. If you enjoy live recitals do add me on Instagram as I regularly read my poems aloud #coachingcreatively.


An Air of Awe

The air is fresh and nourishing

Upon it we exist

A slow inhale, I’m flourishing

And gratitude is bliss

With each breath in new life begins

Each moment is a bonus

I feel the breeze upon my skin

And honour nature’s slowness

When you were slowly perishing

You walked in rain and mist

Proclaiming the air nourishing

Your thankfulness persists

Photo : https://simplychicforcheap.wordpress.com

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