Cool Fool

Peacock Poetry

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I am not one to try and be ‘cool!’In fact I find the whole concept of aspiring to such a soulless label quite repulsive! It is our quirks, imperfections and differences that make us loveable and memorable. Why on earth try to work so hard at being an image of an acceptable normality which doesn’t even exist?


Current. Cool. On point. On trend.

These sayings drive me round the bend!

Let’s not pretend there is a norm

that we’re more ‘in’ when we conform!

Fresh and dope in vogue and sick

These phrases empty, far too slick

Implying we should not stand out

Just pull that perfect selfie pout!

Within us all lie vast extremes

Don’t standardise our hopes and dreams

It matters not the style or colour

Without our differences life’s duller

The meanings that these labels…

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