Update and A Poem

Everything I Never Told You

Pretty in pink.

Eye surgery went well. I’m still in some pain, and finding it hard to open my left eye. This will pass, tons of brushing and redness. I’m definitely in grumpy patient mode, but thrilled to have it behind me. I’m looking you in the eyes with my head up, shoulders back and giving you my best Grace Kelly pose. Okay, well, I will be in a few weeks. I have a feeling the surgery is going to be life-changing in that I won’t have to be self-conscious any more and always trying to hide my left eye. It’s something that has really hindered my social interactions over the years. Now if my doctor could just give me 2020 vision. Ha! He did say maybe one day. Here’s a poem I wrote during my dark period that I never got around to posting. Hope you enjoy. xoxo


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