Happy Trains-giving

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


Now some of you are asking, “What in the world is this thing?”

This is called ‘Trains-giving’.  So you are still puzzled.  Allow me to give you an explanation.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that was set aside on the fourth Thursday of November as a day to give thanks to the Almighty God.

Now some of you are asking, “Are we getting religious here?  You are beginning to sound like those church people.”

Thanksgiving is a day set aside as a day to thank Almighty God.  The Thanksgiving that we are most familiar with is the one that took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts when the Pilgrims arrived in what was the ‘New World’ from Europe to escape religious persecution.  They got established here, but they had a hard time surviving.  They eventually interacted with the Native American tribe who taught them how to live off the land.  This eventually transferred…

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