You Don’t Have To Compromise To Be Recognized

Amazing Grace

There are many things I love about God and most days I write about our amazing relationship.

I’m eternally grateful that I was predestined (God had a purpose and it was determined before I was born) to experience His love.

God wants to give us:

● wisdom



God has a personalized plan for each one of us.

But there are all kinds of hindrances and side shows which we must overcome to fulfill the original plan.

The desire of the flesh is definitely a showstopper in obtaining the original plan of God:

● greed

● covetousness

● jealousy

● pride

● envy

● hatred

● strife

And to add to this list is, the urge to compromise the truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.

Society is flooded with formulas for a successful life. Some people’s…

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