Gathland State Park, Burkittsville, Maryland

Here is a reason to visit this park other than seeing the Blair Witch. Enjoy!!

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


You have heard of Gathland State Park in Burkittsville, Maryland.  You probably would not think you did, but if you have heard of the Blair Witch Project, then you have heard Gathland State Park as this is where the Blair Witch Project took place.  It was the mountain home of George Alfred Townsend, a Civil War journalist who bought the land in 1884 because of its proximity to the Antietam Battlefield and because of the South Mountain Battlefield of which a portion of the battlefield is within the park boundaries.  The property consisted of close to twenty structures.  The name of the park comes from his initials ‘G.A.T.’ with the ‘H’ on the end.  Today, two of the remaining structures are a museum depicting the Battle of South Mountain, the first major Civil War battle in the state of Maryland that is often overshadowed by a more famous battle at…

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