This is what I sat and wrote about by the River…


I get ready

I choose my finest dress

I step into pencils

And click out of my address

To another,

hosting a party in through the big, red gate

I do like red,

But will have to excuse this date.

I cross the big gate and walk towards the river

Rubbing the blue robe on the street all through the way

I can’t walk fast so shall I rather try to run?

So that I break them heels to make an excuse to throw them away?

I reach halfway, still clicking on the ground

It’s getting dark, I see fewer people around

It’s good because that is what I would like for tonight

Just me, a pen-a paper, watching the flowing river in the moonlight.

I finally reach the banks, it must be cold

Cause’ the only folks I see, they shiver

My skin doesn’t move, not an inch


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