Cowboy Thunder

L.T. Garvin

A stampede kicks up

funneled by corkscrew clouds

a curse of cumulus

The Thunder Master throws streaks across the plains

ripping through pastures like gunpowder shattering

Great growl in the west

seems to reach the ends of the earth

A wind, full-blown and fierce

slings torment

creating a catastrophe of trees

and this hollow earth shakes

Mythic cowboys hitch their team

in the clouds

as the hot air collides with the cold

The drumbeats of hail pound out battle cries

blasting fruits from skinny barks of trees

the bleached bones of the dead

shine through this blinding storm

The asphalt faces of angry cowboys menace the night

while the plain hide here

deep in the crater of destruction


howling their unrequited dreams

The renegade henchman strong in their stirrups

lassoing thunder turning toward the virgin sky

in a flash finish

Left behind, the hidden

brave barbed wire and

crawl out…

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