Touching the Devine – An #Exercise of #Mindfulness


As the pace of life quickens and demands pull at us from every direction, it is more important than ever to find time to recenter our thoughts, our energy, our essence.Being Mindful of ourselves, our bodies, our place in the eternal cosmos isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I grant you, however, I think it can be agreed that we all, in one way or another, need time to regroup.Some do it through listening to music; others read.Some will meditate or pray, while others, myself included, very often simply sit down amid the beauty of nature, close my eyes, and seek to sense all that is around me.

Feel the Lingering Breath of Day, Caress my skin with Smiling,
Under the Soothing Reassurance of the Golden Setting Sun,
Close my eyes,
Breath is Still and Calm, Sweet Repose Long Sought,
Birdsong fills the Deepening Twilight, Echoes of the Dawn of Time,

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