Disapproval by society – my experience | mteodoraa

Manić Teodora

What happens when the period of life comes when you want something, you plan your goal, want to go one way that you have thought to go and from so much joy that you slowly find yourself, you share those desires and dreams with others in the hope that they will support you that way. And then something unexpected happens. Your choices are questioned by the society, humiliated, and you are wondering whether it is what you really want. You are now slowly lowering your dreams, slowly treading them down, slowly entering that mold of today’s society. And it hurts you. It hurts you because you give up on your dreams. It hurts because the people you love don’t support you. It hurts because of this isn’t what you wanted. And what to do now when you are alone, hurt and without any support?

Šta onda kada dođe period života…

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