The Rappahannock Railroad Museum, Fredericksburg, Virginia

A little hidden treasure in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Enjoy!

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


You have your everyday typical small railroad museum, and you have the Rappahannock Railroad Museum in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  When you arrive, you will notice the two cabooses: one from the Fredericksburg, Richmond and Potomac Railroad and the other from the Norfolk and Western Railroad.  You then see a box car from Conrail and a baggage car from the Pennsylvania Railroad.  These for cars house the museum.  Inside you will see a few model train displays and memorabilia from the Fredericksburg, Richmond and Potomac Railroad to include old paintings and photos.  The RF&P caboose is set up like a normal caboose.  You then walk around outside and see the old signals and repair equipment.  There is even the passenger shed that is a replica of the old sheds that you saw along the railroad lines in years past.  All of these cars and maintenance equipment is displayed on spur lines of…

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