Where Nashoba Walked

L.T. Garvin

Nashoba was tracking deer along the Wichita River when a snake spooked his horse. Ordinarily he would not have lost his balance, but lately, he had fallen victim to Head In Clouds disease. He had thrown stones at She Who Loves Butterflies, and she had not responded. The horse warned him, then reared into the air. Nashoba came down hard, hit his head, and his horse was off and running, most likely back to the village where maybe She Who Loves Butterflies would notice he was missing.

Nashoba meant wolf in Choctaw, his grandfather Restless Wanderer had been a part of the great Choctaw tribe that had broken off and came to Texas. It was hard country, but the buffalo did come through and the wild horses pounded across the plains. As Nashoba became conscious and stood on his feet, he felt oddly out of place. Things looked different, thingsā€¦

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