To HIM It Concerns.

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

Dearest you,

I am not good with words as we both would mutually reckon. Still with all the modesty I can collect, I would put a humble effort to write down that I might not be able to confront on a regular day.

Emotions, when they take over, in lack of proper words I scramble down the road of vulnerablity. And rest becomes the history soon. What shall I despise more about myself than my incapability of putting myself in a better position through the thing, I thought, I might someday master – the words.

I have my dreams. I want to lie next to you throughout my life when evening starts to reduce itself to grave dark each day and wake up next to you when early, premature Sun rings the doorbell.

I want us to rest our bums in our comfy chairs and sip the sun and the…

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