Harris Tower, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


It was back in the day.  A train was arriving into the yard.  As it entered the yard, it began to separate.  A man in a tower would watch the train arrive a separate.  He would move switches to put the cars on the correct tracks to build trains going to other cities.  Day and night someone would have to move the switches to get the cars on the correct tracks and, at the same time, avoid collisions.  Through the years, technology allowed the switching to be done from a central location, and the towers were no longer used.  Many of them were demolished over time.


Welcome to Harris Tower in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a tower that was spared demolition and was made into a museum where visitors can see the life of a man in the tower.  You can see the old switch boards, the original interlocking machine, the original…

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