Historic Roscoe Village, Coshocton, Ohio

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


In the early years of America, pioneers were looking for ways to make their way across the land.  A system of canals was built to allow boats to go from big waterway to big waterway.  One of these canals was the Ohio and Erie Canal which connected Lake Erie to the Ohio River.  One of the towns the canal was to pass through was Roscoe.  Originally established in 1816 and named Caldersburgh after James Calder, the town’s founder who happened to be a bankrupt merchant and established the town hoping to attract the local farmers who did not wish to pay for a ferry ride across the Muskegon River to nearby Coshocton.  It was later named Roscoe after an English historian named William Roscoe who was also a poet and also happened to be an abolitionist.  When the first boat arrived by canal in 1830, the town of Roscoe was…

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