What A Wonderful Day

The Psalmist

I heard Jesus today
In the song of the birds
In the gentle cool breeze
In the rustling leaves
I heard Jesus

I saw Jesus today
In the eyes of a child
In the glow of their smile
In the faith the displayed
I saw Jesus

I touched Jesus today
When I prayed for the lame man
When I sat with the widow
When I sang to the lonely
I touched Jesus

So often we go through our life
Letting Jesus just pass us by
Because often we don’t recognize
He is right there by our side

Remember He said to beware
That the person we meet unaware
If we minister to them and share
It’s the same as if He was right there

So take notice throughout this day
That you recognize Him all the way
And in the evening you’ll say
I heard Jesus today
I saw Jesus…

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