Hudson Coal Company Locomotive, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hudson Coal Company Locomotive Scranton PennsylvaniaA  steam  locomotive  from  the  Hudson  Coal  Company  on  display  at  the  Anthracite  Coal  Heritage  Museum  at  the  Lackawanna  Coal  Mine  in  Scranton,  Pennsylvania.

5 thoughts on “Hudson Coal Company Locomotive, Scranton, Pennsylvania

    • The photos are way too wonderful to leave in albums where they would never be seen! I thought if I listed them on eBay they would find the right homes. So far, they have ended up in State Historical Collections, College Collections and Private Collections. I’ve also met some great people!

  1. I just listed 6 photos of the Hudson Coal Co taken by my Grandfather in 1934 on eBay. Some of them included the trains in case you are interested!

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