Fishing the Reef

L.T. Garvin

Kai examined his spear to make sure it was sharp. He lined up his snorkel mask and fins.

“I hope for a nice Mona tonight,” he said

“Oh, that would be good,” his wife Hana smiled back at him.

“They have been scarce these days, it must be the current.”

“A nod from the ancient ones,” said Hana.

Kai smiled. Leave it to his wife to invoke superstition. She came from an old family on Maui.

“Well, that about does it,” he said loading his gear into the back of his small truck.

Hana kissed him lightly. “I love you, see you later,”

Kai started the truck and headed to Kapalua Beach where he was going to meet his friend, Iokua. The beauty of the sun hanging low over that vast ocean never ceased to tranquilize him. It was almost as if you could board a boat and sail right…

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