A Day Watching Trains

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

It was a bright and sunny day.  Johnny and his mother were sitting in the living room watching the television.

“Can we go watch trains?” Johnny shouted.

They got into the car, and they went down to the rail park.  They sat on the bench waiting for a train.

“Where’s the train?” Johnny asked.

“It will be here.”

An hour went by.  No trains had come.  Johnny became very worried.  Another hour went by, and there were still no trains.

“What happened to the trains?” Johnny asked.

“I don’t know,” said his mother.  “They must not be running today.”

“But they have to run,” said Johnny.

Another hour went by.  No trains had come.  Johnny was very dejected.  The mother grabbed his arm, and they were about to leave… but there was the sound of a horn.  They looked down the tracks, and they saw lights.  Johnny’s face lit up…

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