Mercy Washed Over Me

The Psalmist

It’s mercy that called me
Mercy that saved me
Mercy that changed my life
Once I was lost
Now I am found
Mercy washed over me

Dirty and tired from the trials of life
My path seemed always uphill
Never a momemt of peace or joy
Only some temporal thrills
Often I found myself wandering
Sometimes I thought I was drowning
Life was a game
Of troubles and pain
I was stuck without a way out

Determined to better my future
I looked for a way more secure
Thoroughly drained from my prevoius ways
I was anything but pure
I’d given up hope of resolving
The whirlpool where I was revolving
Bent out of shape
Hope had escaped
How could I get turned about

Then His love came in
Washed away my sin
Gave me peace I never had known
Oh the depth of love
That came down from above

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