The Railroad: In the Beginning

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


So you love railroads.  You love the toot of the horn, the sound of the roaring engine, the sounds of the wheels, and you count the cars as they go by.  Whether you are at the junction at Wellington Road in Manassas or at one of the VRE stations in Woodbridge, you are always drawn to the train.  Did you know that being in Prince William County that you are a little over an hour’s drive from where it all started?  It all began in the city of Baltimore.

Your journey begins at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum.  It is at this very place where the railroad began in America.  Housed in the Mount Clare Roundhouse where locomotives and train cars were serviced and repaired, you will see a collection of some of the oldest locomotives in the world to include the Thacker Perkins which pulled the funeral train…

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