I Am Forgiven

The Psalmist

I was happy
I had no regrets.
I had lived the way I wanted to
And no bad happened yet
But then I met a man who had more joy
Than I had ever seen
I knew I wanted some of that
So he told me where he’d been

I‘ve been forgiven
My sins are gone.
He bled and died to take away
All my guilt and shame
He stretched his arms out wide
On Calvary’s tree
That I might live

Well I was baffled
At what he said.
I never heard of a man and a tree
So I asked him to explain
Then he told me the story of Jesus
And my soul was filled with pain
I knew that I was heading wrong
And it was time for a change

So I knelt down
On my knees to pray:
Dear Jesus please forgive me
And help…

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