Sykesville and Patapsco Railroad, Sykesville, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


About twenty miles west of Baltimore and forty miles north of Washington D.C. off of Maryland Route 32 is the town of Sykesville, Maryland.  Once a mill and farming town, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was extended there from Ellicott City to better connect the town with the ports in Baltimore.  Today, it is a charming small town on the Patapsco River with little shops and an old train depot that is now a restaurant.  Across the parking lot from the depot are an old train car from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and a caboose from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  It is here where you will find the Sykesville and Patapsco Railroad, a model railroad club.

You enter into the Chesapeake and Ohio car, and you see a large O-scale display before you.  You watch the trains go around and around and around.  You glance at the screen…

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