Keep Forgiving // Levi The Poet


I went ahead and posted the entirety of the lyrics because I couldn’t choose a couple lines.

Keep forgiving
When all is not what you thought it was
When the lynch mob pulls back the curtain to reveal all that is ferocious and majestical
Well we are each of us small men to varying degrees
Projecting the great and powerful Oz with booming voices so much louder than we are confident

Keep forgiving
If you grow to hate what you loved
Well I don’t want to be a pendulum swinging from one ivory tower to another
Not everyone is competition
I pray for you on the days that I pray for my enemies
(The same days that I pray for myself)
Life tends to beat the binaries out of you
It’s healthy when you and I become we, but we have got to keep forgiving

If you write for everybody…

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