A Touch From the Lord

The Psalmist

When Thomas heard the story
That Jesus had appeared
Just three days after He had watched Him die
He turned in disappointment
He just would not believe
Unless he put his hand into Christ’s side

A few days later on
They gathered once again
With Thomas in the middle of them all
Jesus then came back
Thomas touched His wounds
He bowed and worshipped Jesus with them all

He had to touch Him
Needing assurance
Needing his faith lifted up
There’s nothing more soothing
Then knowing He’s with you
We all need a touch from the Lord

There are times that I’m worried
When doubt washes through me
I’m not sure how things will turn out
It is then when I reach out
My Lord is so near me
I just need to touch my Lord

With my hands lifted up
Or my head bowed in prayer
With His praise…

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