This Sensation – #Love #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


This Sensation


This Sensation

Beguiling as the Moon to the Distracted Sea

Sweet as honey to the bee

Rushing as a River in Brash Harmony;

This Sensation

Pulls my Heart and Sighs,

Gathers my senses; then lets them Fly;

This Sensation

Caresses and Teases,

Yet Invariably Delights and Pleases!

Oh This Sensation

As Dulcet as Wine,

Each and Every Single time

This Sensation

Entices, so Freely;

Then Whispers and Smiles


This Sensation

Breathes Sweet and Slow

As the Cascade’s


Ebb and Flow.






Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank you~



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