In Perfect Time – #RomanticTuesday #NarrativePoetry


In Perfect Time 1

Soft the Light Glows in Yonder Window,
Filling and Calling to the Heart in me,
Fair the Dream Abiding within,
Always Kept so far from me.
Dreams are Golden Flagrant Flowers,
Shifting in the Dappled Night,
Yet when the Waiting turns Days from Hours,
Sweetest Patience bears a stinging Bite.

Hope Springs full in Gilded Glory,
Spanning Dreams and Reality,
Speaking in Dark Shades of Stillness,
Building Bridges of Synchronicity.
Rapid Falls this Pulse, Drumming,
Pounding Through my Heart and Mind,
Like a Brazen Musician, Gently strumming,
Playing Beat and Rhythm in Perfect Time.

Standing then on nothing less,
But Strongest Passion and wretched Guile,
Come I to your Window, Breathless,
With Bated words and Jaded Smile.
Harps of Angels Sing Thee Sweetness,
Strings of Melancholic woe Caress,
All the Hours I’ve Dreamed and Waited,
Coming now to a Moment like This.

Calling to your Heart from Darkness,
Staking claim to…

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