A Little Secret

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


Harry Jones was sitting on a park bench looking at his phone.  Along came an elderly man who had very long shaggy hair, and he sat next to Harry.

“I have a secret.”  He whispered to Harry.

“What?”  Harry was confused.

“I have a secret.”  The man handed him a ticket.  “Go here to find the secret.”

Days later, Harry was in the town of Boyertown, Pennsylvania.  He went to the spot where the man told him to go, but he saw nothing but an empty lot.

“Are you looking for something?”  A little girl asked him as she snuck up behind him.

He looked at here shabby dress and long shaggy hair and dirty bare feet.  Confused, he replied, “I was told that there was a secret here, but I do not see anything.”

The little girl took his hand, and they walked over to the empty lot.  He…

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