My Heart Belongs to Him

The Psalmist

Sometimes I wake up in the night
And I just want to praise Him
He’s done so many wondrous things for me
Perhaps that’s how it was that day
So many years ago
When Jesus came to town for all to see

The people heard of Lazarus
Christ raised him from the dead
They also heard He’d come to town that day
They lined the streets to welcome Him
Palm branches lifted high
They shouted as He passed along the way

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna to the King
We worship and adore you
We wave an offering
We lay our palms before you
We bow down at your feet
Jesus you are welcome here today

The priests and Pharisees
Were not at all impressed
They questioned all this praise for just a man
But Jesus silenced them
These simple words He said
The rocks would praise if quiet they remained


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