Rolling Stones

The Psalmist

The men were aghast
When Jesus had asked
That they roll away the stone
They did what He said
But then they all fled
For fear of a stink from the tomb

Then Jesus looked higher
He prayed to the Father
To glorify Himself today
He called Lazarus
Come forth from the grave
The people were soon all amazed

Lazarus walked out
There was no doubt
He had risen from the dead
They slowly unwrapped
His body in tact
And praised God for this great event

About two weeks later
In a scene much greater
Another stone was rolled away
It was not a man
But by angel’s plans
The stone was rolled back from the grave

When Peter arrived
With John by his side
The empty tomb greeted them there
Mary had been there
She looked everywhere
Then an angel said shed not a tear

Jesus has risen

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