Happiness Wrapped in a Cloud


Tree silhouettes are attractive.

Soft colors are like pink and blue

cotton candy or my favorite

flavors of Sweet Tarts:

strawberry and blue raspberry.

What is your source of happiness?

Happiness was a Project Gretchen

Rubin started a year of doing one

new and happy thing daily in 2009.

She had her book revised in 2015,

“The Happiness Project.”

This and several of her books

made the Best Seller’s List.

They certainly made her happy!

It is a way to improve your health,

by changing your attitude and Life.

Happiness is a lamb, kitty or

puppy licking your face.

Being tickled or gently teased may

have you rolling around giggling

or help you to feel more loved.

Happiness is a special toy,

pillow or blanket. It could be new,

old or something you alone may

treasure and never give away.

It may be indulging in your

favorite activity like hiking,

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