God’s Rules


I John tells us that if we sin yet say we have no sin then we lie and God is not with us. Rules are not meant to be broken. Especially God’s rules. He loves to see his creation obey his words, instructions and commands. David once wrote, ‘thy words I have hid in my heart so I may not sin against thee’.  Yet we see today so many people forgetting to hide God’s words in their hearts as they pursue church offices. Case in point:

#1. https://www.christianpost.com/news/umc-committee-ordered-rehear-case-against-gay-pastor-unfit-ministry-221800/

The 61-year-old Meredith, who has pastored a “reconciling congregation” at Clifton United Methodist Church as an openly gay man since 2012, came under fire within the denomination after marrying his partner of over 29 years in a UMC church in 2016.

Jesus said, ‘if you love me keep my commandments’ and for some strange reason we cannot find in the Bible any…

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