Burned Braided Cotton


My mom loves candles

Her morning routine each day used to include

Lighting whatever candle she had sitting beside the fish bowl,

The house always smelling of blueberry pancakes, cinnamon or sugar cookies

Though she has since moved on to a candle warmer,

In favor of the stronger aroma and how much longer it took to dissipate,

I still find comfort in surrounding myself with the soft lighting and subtle smells

This morning, in the midst of my own routine,

As I lit a candle I have been burning each day for the last few weeks

And struggled to light the sad bit of threads left in barely half an inch of wax,

I thought about the way people are often treated

I imagined the spines that support them as wicks

Running through the center of their bodies,

Which have been molded and uniquely designed , no scent the same

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